Welcome to HacClearwater. We are a hacker space located in Clearwater, Florida. Our mission is to improve the world by creatively rethinking technology. We break, build, alter, and occasionally abuse technology in the pursuit of greater knowledge about how it works and how it can be utilized.

Our parent organizationEdit

Tampa Bay Computer Society is a computer user group located in Clearwater, FL, and emphasizes the use of PCs using the Windows operating system. They elevate the skills of beginners, intermediate users, and experts through classes and special interest groups. TBCS

What we doEdit

Gather a group of like-minded individuals who want to become active in the community as well as promote the use of technology while simultaneously changing the use and way people think of technology. What we want to do is: (1) Build and maintain a space suitable for technical and social collaboration; (2) Collaborate on all forms of technology, culture, and craft; (3) Freely share research and discoveries in order to teach one another; (4) Recruit and develop talented members.

How we’re going to accomplish thisEdit

We plan on accomplishing the above by: (1) Offer classes to members; (2) Participate in community events; (3) Promoting the use of art and technology; (4) Apply results of work for cultural, charitable, or scientific use; (5) Encourage camaraderie among group members to create a productive and artistic environment.


We have the following planned: (1) “Unpatched” Tuesdays: Second Tuesday of the month from 6pm-9pm which includes dinner and occasionally an event; (2) Monthly meetings to precede 2600 (or follow depending on time constraints); (3) Challenges will be available starting the week after a 2600 meeting. Sign up and results will be revealed at the following meetings..

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