One of the biofeedback devices that I am planning on making is an Electrocardiogram (ECG) machine. This machine records the electrical activity of the heart over time. There is more documentation out now and it shouldn't be too terribly hard to build one and have it so that it interfaces with the computer. I would LOVE some help with building this (or any other biofeedback) device.

ECG to be used for:

  • Bio-Bliss Turns out that there is not a significant enough increase in heart rate for this machine to be much use for this project.
  • In conjunction with an EEG as a possible solution for use in a talk I'm working on.
  • Create my own Biofeedback Video Game, based on what was demonstrated at DefCon 16
  • Can be used by anyone who needs an ECG


Electroencephalogram is similar to an ECG in that it measures electrical signals over time. However, this device utilizes electrodes on the scalp to get electrical signals that come from the brain. The uses of the EEG would include (but not be limited to):

  • Next step in the Bio-Bliss project. This will take some time since no members (to our knowledge) has their own EEG (although we're all scrambling to make one)
  • Used in conjunction with ECG as a possible solution in a talk I'm working on.
  • Can be used by anyone else who needs an EEG
  • To be used in lieu of a fMRI (NOTE: Anyone who is willing to donate a fMRI, feel free to do so!) :D

Polygraph Machine

Polygraph machines are technically biofeedback devices since that measures blood pressure, pulse, respiration and skin conductivity. Yes, everyone knows that they are "lie detectors" and can fail miserably. What a lot of people don't know is why they fail. Polygraphs monitor the aforementioned phisiological responses while someone asks a question and (based on the responses) either come up with an output of "truth" or lie". I'm hoping not only to build one, but have it connect to my computer and create a program that interprets the data that the polygraph is sending to the computer. Why? Because I don't want to learn how to read the data it spits out. I plan on using the polygraph:

  • To back up my calling shinannigans on them.
  • As a part of a talk I'm working on
  • Increase my knowledge of biofeedback devices and how they work, making my own devices, and programming

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