Status: Research


Various projects involving biofeedback devices and the pleasure center of the brain.


  • 8/20- Bio-bliss- Hit a speedbump going 50. We found out that an ECG would not be an effective biofeedback device to use during this project. Testers (those of us working on this project) found out that heart rate only raises about 5-10 BPM. Thinking of looking into an EEG.
  • 8/30- Bio-bliss- Due to a surplus of projects and deficit of time (Shmoocon is only 5 months away and Notacon is 7 months), we have decided to continue research and planning on this project, but will not be ready to present until 2010.
  • 9/2-Continuing research on pleasure center of the brain as well as ways to chart it.

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