Status: Completed


Outdoor digital billboards are becoming the new way to advertise multiple products/services/etc with a single board as compared to having a street littered with dozens of these eyesores. Therefore, they're more fun to take apart and play with. While driving one day, I noticed a 404 error on one of these billboards and after discussing it with two of my cohorts, hatched a plan to hack into their network and advertise our own ideas/ "products". We spoke at DefCon 16 about how we exploited the physical and network security of this well known company. This was *not* a step-by-step how to, but rather addressed the vulnerabilities that exist and how they could be used for guerilla advertising and digital graffiti.

The presentation

Links to the presentation given at DefCon 16 as well as the updated slides to appear soon.


  • 8/15-Were told by a source (wishes to remain anonymous) that the satelite we saw/photographed was "not what [we] think it is for and if [we] were to have found out it's real purpose and presented on it, there would definitely be a lawsuit."
  • 9/2-Presentation may be updated to have a "less evil-hax0r" feel.

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