My To-Do List

I figure that since I'm such a to-do list fiend, that I would create an online version of my high-level to-do (HLTDL). I will refer to it as such from hereonin, mostly because I'm lazy and HLTDL involves less typing and sounds cooler (to me).

Ze Lizt:

  • Obtain list of materials for various biofeedback devices
  • Make HODBN presentation have less of a "evil hax0r" feel
  • Set up and co-host the first HacClearwater meeting (9/5)
  • Think of something to get together for upcoming Open House
  • See if I can get something fun together for September 9th's "Unpatched Tuesday"
  • Gather a list of smart drugs that could be used for project
  • Decide whether or not I want to submit proposals NOTACON
  • Figure out how to go about TAL talk with A.

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